Mission Statement

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the general business and fiscal management of the Center. The Board of Directors shall be composed of a minimum of nine (9) and up to eleven (11) elected directors. The principal officers of the Organization shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Additionally, there will be five (5) to seven (7) members-at-large serving on the BOD without an officer designation. No BOD member shall hold the same position on the BOD for more than two (2) consecutive terms. Each Officer shall hold office for a term of three (3) years or until such Officer becomes incapacitated, resigns, or is removed.  To ensure diversity, the BOD shall endeavor to have a minimum of one third of each gender.

MUC Board of Directors 2023

Sr. Machiko Alam – Treasurer
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Shami
Dr. Sami Baraka – Vice President
Sr. Radwa Koujane – Secretary 
Dr. Samar Koujane-Basha
Br. Abdul-Hadi Mohammed
Br. Mubashir Mohiuddin
Sr. Randa Mossa-Basha
Sr. Thamreen Siddiqui
Dr. Eshel Turk
Dr. Tallal Zeni – President

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