funeral and condolences

Household Death

In the event that a death occurs in your house, you must contact all of the following three parties immediately:
  • Fire department
  • Police
  • MUC Office

We Can Help You Arrange

  • Washing of the body
  • Janazah announcements
  • Janazah (funeral prayer)
  • Choice of funeral homes
  • Choice of graveyards
  • Burial
  • Expenses¬†(Estimated cost: $1300 – $3000)

Hospital Death

In the event that a death occurs in the hospital, the guardian (or closest relative) should call our office for assistance with funeral arrangements.

To Allah We Belong, And To Allah We Shall Return:
(“Inna lillahi Wa inna ilaihi Rajioon”).

Arrange a Condolence Gathering ('Azza)

If you’d like to arrange an ‘Azza at the Muslim Unity Center, please call our main office: (248) 857-9200. What is the purpose of an ‘Azza? An ‘Azza allows the family of the deceased to specify a date and venue for the public to offer condolences. It releases the grieving family of the obligation to entertain a multitude of guests in their home during their difficult time. It also allows the public to offer prayers and kind words at the convenience of the grieving family. A table in or around the prayer space holds a number of Quran copies for anyone who’d like to sit and read.

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