The Muslim Unity Center (MUC) is a non-profit, Islamic organization recognized as tax-exempt entity under U.S. Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). The objective of MUC is to develop, support and promote an Islamic way of life and to ensure the emergence of an American Muslim identity. MUC affirms the principles of the social order established by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), including the establishment of a thriving and vibrant community free of ethnic, racial, cultural or national divisions. MUC’s vision is based on the teachings of the holy book Al-Qur’aan and by the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH):

As it states in the holy book Al-Qur’aan: “You are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind, you enjoin Al-Ma’ruf (all that is good) and forbid what is Al-Munkar (all that is evil), and you believe in Allah” [Qur’an 3:110].

“The best among the people are those who benefit the people and “The best among you are those who have the best manners and character.” [Bukhari]  

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